Favorite Poems of Tony

  • The Heart Library (20) 11

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    The cover looked appealing
    Albeit the spine slightly cracked...

  • Wrapped Within A Wish (24) 13 WIN

    by CJ Maleney

    I know you struggle sleeping
    So I'm blowing you a kiss...

  • You babe (6) 4

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    Puzzles are a funny thing...

  • On Our Way To Divorce (13) 5

    by Ithaca Rose

    I knew this was what I wanted,
    Though your heart seems broken...

  • Married To The High (6) 3

    by Ithaca Rose

    On a sunny day, with skies of Blue.
    She straightens her hair and fastens her shoes...

  • With loving words and open hands
    I tried to coax you from your tomb...

  • Drink To Forget (5) 4

    by C Cattaway

    Whiskey sat beside my chair.
    Cigarette in hand...

  • Change In The Wind (4) 2

    by C Cattaway

    How quickly moods can change. How sudden
    Can the black dog come...

  • Blind Tourist (5) 7

    by CJ Maleney

    I've traveled many lands,
    I have seen what most will not...

  • Within The Pages (23) 15 WIN

    by C Cattaway

    I've been in love, a thousand times
    Down cobbled streets of pages...

  • The flowers bloom below the sun -
    the spring has quashed the gloom...

  • Devil In A Red Dress (1) 1

    by Eraklis

    Break this spell that holds me
    And chains me to my bed...

  • coffee (6) 5 HM

    by Thomas

    we sip cold coffee from the mouths
    of stolen styrofoam cups at a kitchen...

  • Neverland (8) 8

    by AnnaCaprice

    The second star on the right
    And straight through the night to you...

  • A Soldier's Story (3) 1

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Bodies laying in the field,
    All the spoils war does yield...

  • Tiny Dancer (13) 8

    by Ren

    You do not have a name...
    I don't think they could choose...

  • Missing Pages (18) 2

    by Rolo

    Stagnate in motion, bound by your hate
    These words flow freely, yet carry no weight...

  • The poet's heart. (106) 2

    by BlueDreams

    No uttered words the poet speaks,
    No skies of golden hue...

  • Lost Boy (20) 12 HM

    by Ren

    A shadow among city lights,
    Always alone...

  • Chaotic Mind (72) 1

    by Brittney Follett

    Chaotic Mind
    Silent screams and unshed tears...

  • Circles (2) 3

    by Mark Spencer

    By Mark Spencer...