Poems About Death

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  • #13 1

    by Nil

    A new year rests on the horizon
    Possibilities endless and bright...

  • Redemption 1

    by Victor

    I see nothing but blood...

  • A strange feeling 1

    by Victor

    What is this feeling?
    Why am I getting it...

  • Good girl 1

    by Victor

    I have to do it
    I have to be a good girl...

  • A selfish murderer 1

    by Victor

    I see so many people eveyday
    Living out their life happily...

  • The icy forest 1

    by Victor

    I see a snow-covered forest
    The animals running freely around...

  • Insane 1

    by Victor

    I feel something weird
    A rush of energy going through me...

  • Crazy 1

    by Victor

    Why does this feel so good?
    I'm taking another person's life...

  • Fate 1

    by Victor

    No no no no
    I didn't want to end up like this...

  • Inhuman? 1

    by Victor

    Why does it feel so good?
    Is it because I'm not human...

  • It's nice once in a while
    To go with your family and walk...

  • Bombs over Iraq
    Blasts on the roof...