Poems About Depression

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  • Wait 2

    by Victor

    Is anybody there?
    Does anybody care...

  • Invisible 2

    by Victor

    I'm basically invisible to everyone
    My social life, gone...

  • Pain 3

    by Victor

    This pain I'm giving myself
    There's no reason it should feel this good...

  • Waste 2

    by Victor

    What am I even doing?
    Nobody cares about me...

  • Nobody 2

    by Victor

    I'm ignored.
    No one pays attention to me...

  • I've seen something strange happen lately
    When I see people talk about depression, they talk...

  • Unknown (2) 1

    by RustySoul

    It soars high up in the sky,
    But not with the flock of same feather...

  • O-
    it aches...

  • November (8) 6

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I never completely understand
    that the colors of our past can change...

  • Depression (2) 3

    by Diablosangel87

    My life has spiraled down into the abyss into the...

  • It hurts (1) 3

    by Victor

    I want to help people
    I don't want people to be hurt...

  • Light of Hope (10) 6

    by Kasie

    As the night