Poems About Depression

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  • A Story About Life (2) 5

    by Victor

    Let me tell you a story
    About a sweet, young boy...

  • Beware the serpents (6) 6

    by Em (marmite)

    An image passes through
    my weeping dark abyss...

  • Black and White (3) 1

    by No1ButMe

    The world is black and white
    There is a heaven and a hell...

  • Battles within (Tyburn) (8) 4

    by Michael


  • Forced (1) 5

    by Victor

    I hate seeing other people in relationships
    Because I know I'll never have "The one...

  • Lullaby... (6) 8

    by Ya----Na

    By forgetting the billions of stars
    across the sky...

  • Vacuity (7) 4 WIN

    by Sylvia

    Emptiness, psyche annihilated.
    Screams fester, no escape...

  • Pink bubble (2) 3

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I had this illusion of perfect togetherness
    visualized a beautiful landscape on an empty...

  • Seeking comfort (5) 4

    by Dagmar Wilson

    In the arms of a stranger
    I was seeking comfort not knowing...

  • Three fifty one (4) 5

    by Vanesa

    I’m trying to be pretty.
    Comb my hair...

  • The beauty in all (9) 6

    by Dagmar Wilson

    When dark clouds are moving in
    sunshine don't exist...

  • Above and away (19) 9

    by Dagmar Wilson

    What you know of me
    is a layer of paint on a canvas...