Poems About Depression

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  • Art Of Madness (5) 6

    by Mary

    You don't deserve flairs of color
    Or talented splashes on canvas...

  • More Feelings (3) 2

    by Obscure

    Tears gather on my lower lashes
    Threatening the plunge to suicide...

  • Void (acrostic) (5) 6

    by Em (marmite)


  • Unkept Castle (5) 4

    by Kate

    I crumble just like the walls of an unkept castle
    Untouched, unnoticed by civilization for years...

  • Pink bubble (2) 4

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I had this illusion of perfect togetherness
    visualized a beautiful landscape on an empty...

  • Absence (3) 3

    by Matt Carroll

    Oh, the silence, how it boldly deafens
    In the absence of the fabled heavens...

  • Forget Me (1)

    by Curing the Comon Cliche

    I lace up my chucks and I throw on a scarf,
    Who knew these cuts would leave more than just...

  • Every Cruel Word (5) 5

    by Willow

    Cut me with a cheap blade,
    Cut me for every minute that fades...

  • Just a feeling (3) 4

    by Obscure

    There's a salty ache in my ribcage
    it radiates out through my muscles and bones...

  • a razor teeth sea
    swells deep within me...

  • No Regrets (5) 8

    by Lost One

    This life holds no value
    I'm living in vain...

  • Slightly Lonely (4) 2

    by Stephanie Tangedahl

    TV waves with Billy Mayes
    Trying to forget those days...