Poems About Depression

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  • Breathe (2) 3

    by Catchy

    Let me breathe
    Let me breathe in these blades...

  • Silent 40 (3) 3

    by Maple Tree

    I've contemplated many things in life
    but never did I feel the need to end my...

  • I Don't Know What Else To Do (1) 2

    by Anne Moore

    My mind is like a
    Tangled rainbow mass of string...

  • Cracks in the Window (4) 5

    by Maple Tree

    Haunted air
    swirls round...

  • Prayer 1

    by Some Random Human

    It seems like every night while I'm lying in bed,
    I lift up another prayer that by morning I'm dead...

  • Pebbles in my Heart (4) 2

    by Maple Tree

    Each year,
    my skeletal frame...

  • This Letter

    by Some Random Human

    I want out of this life,
    that's why I'm writing this letter...

  • Entirely (2) 2

    by Anne Moore

    Her heart was once whole
    But now it is broken...

  • Yusra (Ease) (8) 6 WIN

    by Maher

    Colour runs fast when it's not sealed right.
    Night blinds the eye from things that were once...

  • The sadness holds me helpless as the sand-
    Awaits for waves to drown it's grains with salt...

  • Throttle

    by The Monster you Trust

    Splitting light and tentacles of grasping music,
    oversight out of mind...

  • Hurting (3) 1

    by silvershoes

    Fridays, 2pm: Therapeutic Interventions with...
    In the midst of lecture, she catches my eye from...