Poems About Depression

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  • Too Dark Out There (senryu) (16) 15

    by Ben Pickard

    tragically, it's
    always so much brighter when...

  • Snap. (Out of it) (3) 2

    by Fenrir

    Stuck in the eye of the storm.
    These walls built from wind keeping me trapped in...

  • ... it rained today, and yesterday
    my bluey sky, growls black and grey...

  • Mirror, Mirror 3

    by mackenzie Williams

    Mirror, mirror on the wall
    was I always meant to fall...

  • Violent Blue (3)

    by Curing the Comon Cliche

    Roses grow redder
    Her eyes violent blue...

  • Secret* (2)

    by lost in lovee

    You would never be able to tell,
    The secret that she hides...

  • Crying in the rain (2)

    by LoneStar

    When the rain comes
    i always go out walk...

  • Family (2)

    by BloodyBrokenAngel

    Look in her eyes
    You'll see all she's holding...

  • Through our eyes we see
    and with our ears we hear...

  • Downward Spiral of Cutting.

    by PoisonousChick

    Her memories consume,
    With her feelings of shame...

  • Are You Alive? (4)

    by isabel

    It hits and it hurts and it burns, deep inside
    You can choose between attempting suicide...

  • Sticks and Holes (2)

    by Jessica

    "Sticks & Holes*
    Dialed numbers dig into skin...