Other Sad Poems

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  • weak (1) 1

    by Obscure

    My heart is weakly pumping
    Trying to keep me alive...

  • Walking down the veins of my heart;
    by the silence of the sky...

  • misc. 2 (1) 1

    by Obscure

    I want to look how I feel inside
    A horrible monster of destruction and rage...

  • misc. (1) 1

    by Obscure

    My flesh is slipping
    Easing off my bones...

  • do you know (1) 1

    by Obscure

    Do you know what it's like
    to not eat for 2 weeks...

  • Her (1) 1

    by Obscure

    I’m sick of deception
    Make mistakes and then corrections...

  • Vagabondage 2

    by BOB GALLO

    When would this vagabondage end?
    Where, my friend...

  • Valentine blues (8) 6

    by Michael

    This Valentines-
    my heart...

  • Whispers from Prison (7) 6

    by Maple Tree

    To hear from her
    explodes a thousand stars...

  • Eight Weeks (8) 7

    by Maple Tree

    Upon a night so cold and dreary
    feeling life drain, making me teary...

  • Precognition senryu (4) 2

    by Walter

    I saw my future
    Without you while you were still...

  • In pensive mood, I often feel
    This world was never designed for me...