Other Sad Poems

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  • Locked up 1

    by Victor

    I spent years locked up
    For something I couldn't control...

  • Torture 1

    by Victor


  • Hopeless? 1

    by Victor

    It hurts
    It hurts so unbearably much...

  • Insomnia 1

    by Victor

    I'm so tired
    I have so many things to do tomorrow...

  • Unity (5) 4

    by Victor

    It's quiet
    It's peaceful...

  • Hope 2

    by Victor

    Humanity once had it...

  • I want to help 1

    by Victor

    I want to help you
    Let me in your heart...

  • Bugs 1

    by Victor

    My hands are bound
    My eyes are covered...

  • Slaves 1

    by Victor

    They're screaming so much
    And it's because of me...

  • Memory of Oceans (1) 2

    by ddavidd

    Memory of oceans in a drop of tear!
    It taste like everlasting tears...

  • It has no opinion (4) 2

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Emotions have a way of taking us for a ride
    that is the reason why I keep my pen and tablet...

  • The Other Side (2) 2

    by meg

    Face beaming with a sparkly smile,
    All part of the game of masquerade...