Sad Poems

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  • #9 (1) 4

    by Nil

    A battle wages ceaselessly in
    caverns deep and dark...

  • Into the sunset (1) 1

    by Nicollo Machiavelli

    Let these words
    Reach my unborn...

  • Pearls (2) 2

    by Courtney Hough

    I’ve got a hard surface,
    Live at the bottom of the sea...

  • There is no room to hide (4) 4

    by Dagmar Wilson

    You know you are in trouble
    when your stomach curls up...

  • Station (2) 2

    by ddavidd

    It is an excruciating pain that I am hardened...
    It is a nightmare...

  • A Jump To The Other Side (12) 6 HM

    by marvellous efe

    It was an early morning of September 11,
    A day i took a deep thought of hell and heaven...

  • Wanderlust (2) 3

    by Love

    How unsettling it can be,
    To listen to those quiet moments...

  • Underneath,
    The wrinkles of my skin...

  • Ek Sawaal (2) 1

    by khan

    Din guzar jata hai raat k intezar mei?
    Raat guzar jati k halat k iqrar mei...

  • He said it was love
    but love doesn't hurt or kill...

  • Shackles of silence (11) 9

    by DarkLight

    I would like to talk to someone,
    not on any topic...

  • talking out loud (1) 1

    by Phil

    speaking bitter truths
    doesn't make them bearable...