Sad Poems

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  • If I've heard your words once
    I've heard them a thousand times...

  • Facing the blues (2) 1

    by Kereen

    Strong on my breath...

  • Futile (4) 2

    by Rabea JAdallah

    And then there is
    to the clinches of your despair...

  • Cry of Nature (2) 1

    by Mahesh Kachare

    Hi, I am an unfortunate Nature
    Who grows human & creature...

  • The last time I visited you
    you were adamant that...

  • A rough Goodbye

    by Ramon G Haupt

    You silently sitting, listening, glistening...
    As bright as day, your deep silences, not knowing...

  • You tell me

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    Was any of it real,
    Any of it at all...

  • A Father's Final Plea

    by Eric Brady

    Her life spins into a downward spiral
    Engulfing her like a massive tidal...

  • Vodka bottle in hand you say "drink up"
    fluttering your eyes like a love sick pup...

  • relapsed (2) 3

    by Em

    She grabs the love of her life
    "just one taste" she tells herself...

  • oh well (4) 4

    by Em

    I really loved you
    and always will...

  • Evade This Void (6) 6

    by Nicolette

    There is no medication for heartbreak
    Tribulation has conquered the soul that was mine...