Valentines Day Poems

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  • As I look into your eyes and see your pearly...
    I realize that my time is worth-while...

  • Frozen Heart (1) 1

    by Michael D Nalley

    Your heart's so pure
    but it is so cold...

  • Valentines Day (5) 1

    by Jad

    Words won't come to mind -looking down
    haunted by your loving smile, -as you lay...

  • My First Valentine (2)

    by BeautifulxMess

    I don't want you to think you're alone.
    I'm going to be with you through it all...

  • I was sleeping in a a dark room
    when I heard you come throw...

  • Today the day of the Love,
    the day she was born...

  • Happy Valentine's Day (1)

    by marcelah

    Twenty four hours, how can I say this any better?
    It's just one day to say this to you...

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    by XSugarSexSuicideX

    As I call him up tonight,
    My heart begins to lift...

  • Valentines Day (3)

    by Jaklynn

    Well, yesterday came and yesterday went
    Without a dime of his money spent...

  • Death To Valentines

    by LoveAndAddictions

    The day of love
    The day of happiness...

  • From The Dead Guy (3)

    by XSugarSexSuicideX

    Remember me when I am gone,
    Don't forget the fun we had...

  • Happy Single Awareness Day (3)

    by Trampled Angel

    What a happy Valentines Day it is this year,
    certainly you, my friend, must think so too...