Friendship Poems

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  • The blue house (13) 7

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I remember children running through the house
    cats hiding under the couch...

  • Truth or Lies? (18) 12

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Can we please skip all the nonsense
    Stop beating around the bush...

  • A Fake Friend (4) 3

    by Angel

    Is truly amazing to see...

  • A bundle of innocence came into my life
    Nestled tenderly by my side...

  • What happened to us? (6)

    by you will never forget me

    I miss the way we used to be.
    I love the things we used to see...

  • Forever, You're My Tiny Dancer (5) 3

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    My dear mommy...

  • Communication at best (5) 6

    by Michael

    Upon my palm, I press my lips
    then blow a kiss, that twists and flips...

  • Happy (acrostic) (10) 6

    by Michael

    Hearing children laugh
    As they play with...

  • Broken Chair (12) 5

    by Lauren Waszkiewicz

    In a broken wooden rocking chair,
    I cut my long, vermilion hair...

  • There is nothing left between us,
    But idle conversation...

  • From life. (2) 2

    by Bobby M.Peter

    Strong wind comes.
    Wind of hope ;Uprooted the thorns...

  • Perfect Strangers 2

    by Alex Penuelas

    We all have experienced
    an end to a relationship...