Friendship Poems

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  • Float in air 1

    by AR

    I wish everyone could see
    How much it hurts me...

  • Memories (1) 1

    by Denise Divine Cruz

    The moments that we shared,
    The bonds that we had...

  • Grandma (1) 4 WIN

    by Kate

    You were the very glue that held this
    family together, our center of gravity...

  • Grown up

    by Nikhil Devanikar

    just a guy singing tunes of a bygone era
    where we didn't care about the riviera...

  • Rooted (2) 3

    by Kate

    I plant my feet firmly into the softened soil,
    Digging in my toes until they become my roots...

  • Her love is confusing for them, but moreso for...
    She wants them to speak...

  • Mother Bird 2

    by silvershoes

    She raised them as her single hobby,
    Clipping their wings to prevent them from growing...

  • Is it 2

    by Mortal Utopia

    Is it selfish of me
    to want you to smile once more...

  • Black 3

    by Mortal Utopia

    All I see is black
    when I close my eyes because...

  • So many words left unsaid, only hinted to
    But eagerly spilled emotions can turn sour...

  • Butterflies (1) 2

    by Kate

    I thought this feeling was long gone
    An elusive creature and I was their poison...

  • Family Line 1

    by Savannah

    “I.O.” is marked on a gravestone in Milton
    An American flag and bronze star grave marker spin...