Friendship Poems

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  • The Machanic

    by Glenn G

    I once had a dad,
    I watched, I learned...

  • I'm Human

    by C Cattaway

    Release me from my madness.
    Give me solace from my head...

  • She is red - ablaze with a passion so vibrant in...
    She is orange - refreshingly sweet as her words...

  • Smiles and Kisses 1

    by No1ButMe

    Smile sweetly all you want
    I know it full of venom...

  • All the Answers (2) 3 WIN

    by Tara-Kay

    You grip my finger in your tiny hand
    and you look at me as if I have all the answers...

  • In days of yore, a time long past,
    I found myself in a moment that would last...

  • See You Soon Grandpa
    My heart is torn...

  • To my sister

    by Tabetha King

    To my sister,
    You have fallen...

  • Old fashioned

    by Glenn G

    I sometimes wonder what life has been about
    Maybe I'm just too old fashioned...

  • You

    by Ricky Story

    I wish I wasn’t disconnected
    So much compartmentalization...

  • Men don't cry (4) 1

    by safachan

    My father once told me“ men don’t cry!”
    He looked me dead in the eyes and said,” as a...

  • A Part of Nature’s Flame

    by Oscar Auliq-Ice

    A man, a force to be reckoned with,
    A being of strength and will...