Friendship Poems

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  • Tattered 2

    by Skyfire

    Just tell me
    who you want me to be...

  • Hero (3) 4

    by Mimi

    I used to think
    I needed a knight in...

  • Bonds

    by Mimi

    Sticky hands and
    Warm hugs...

  • Frozen Solid

    by Mimi

    Some people find it
    Easy to love...

  • Insomnia (2) 3 HM

    by [M(/)U]

    I still remember your eyes
    and how they made my world open (as wide...

  • Maybe (3) 1

    by Mimi

    I'm too damaged...

  • Stay (2) 2

    by Mimi

    Such a simple word...

  • Done (4) 2

    by Mimi

    At what point
    Do you give up...

  • Future Unknown (16) 7 WIN

    by Brenda

    Will the future
    be fair to you...

  • The Old Harbor (2) 2

    by NightFlyer

    The Old Harbor
    Went down to the sea today...

  • Progeny (1)

    by Domenico Sottile

    This is my message

  • I Tried (2) 2

    by Mimi

    I tried to let people in
    I tried to give them a chance...