Inspirational Poems

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  • Unaware (2) 3

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    I paid a fortune just to know...

  • Tracing Back 2

    by Domenico Sottile

    Tracing Back
    The miser dwelling we had was not a house...

  • Haiku

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    I drew a thick line
    Between my self and pleasure...

  • A memory

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    A memory
    Around the fire where it raged...

  • Beginning

    by Saakiel

    You think stories ending in cliff
    hangers torment people, but the truth...

  • The treasure within (2) 1

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    The treasure within
    When the true value of self...

  • A choice

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    A choice
    Fear binds...

  • alone in thought 2

    by Kaimeyo

    Afraid of the future
    But i roll wit it anyway...

  • As someone that has invested a lot of time in...
    The deeper the layers, the more that life is...

  • Enlightenment

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    I search and seek and look...

  • Streets of yesterday

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    Streets of yesterday
    Once busy, with sides replete...

  • The true self

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    The true self
    Once the moon had sung a song...