Favorite Poems of DarkLight

  • The bell, it tolls a deathly ringing chime,
    It echoes though the jagged hills I tread...

  • My Potty poetry (12) 6

    by Michael

    Peddling my pedestal of potty poetry
    I feel flamboyant, and carefree...

  • Fighting for life (11) 5

    by deeplydesturbed

    A voice that cries and wings that wildly beat,
    You cannot hope to know until you try...

  • If only once (4) 1

    by Kate Hicks

    Come and be with me
    Take my hand...

  • Spiritless love (2) 1

    by Michael

    Your charming presence
    swept the air, when you...

  • All I Hold. (4) 2

    by Poet on the Piano

    May I fall into you?
    Tumble past greetings...

  • The Wife (5)

    by Chelsey

    Silently suffocating in a pool
    of her own self pity...

  • Happy Valentines Day

    by Jay Colon

    Im happy your my girlfriend. Anticipating the...

  • We once began a book (13)

    by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

    We once began and made a book
    The stories are still left untold...

  • Darkend Souls (56) 5

    by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

    His eyes where of darkness
    Reflected from his soul...

  • I already know who you
    are, but if you still question...

  • In the Kitchen. (5) 5 WIN

    by Poet on the Piano

    There were never any deaths on those
    cold-hearted tiles, but there was a prominent...

  • I want you to write
    me my first love song...

  • Silently (99) 1

    by Matthew

    We were out for walk when I turned her way...

  • A shot rings out
    blood sprays the wall...

  • Deviant (6)

    by Poet on the Piano

    You are German Chocolate
    yet I am...

  • Salacity (5)

    by Maple Tree

    Red savory lips
    dance upon a pool...

  • Give it all (2)

    by Sweet sugar

    When in love you give it all,
    don't forget to inspire others who fall...

  • If I die tonight (11) 1

    by Rihanna

    If I die tonight
    Without saying my...

  • Let me tell you what I did today
    I held a picture in my hand and sat on the bed...

  • I'm tired of being left in tears,
    Why won't the world be quiet instead of screaming...

  • Pardon my Rudeness (11)

    by Lioness

    Pardon my rudeness,
    for stumbling across...

  • The Dance (9)

    by White Orchid

    Open your arm and hold out your hand
    With one single motion strike up the band...

  • Speechless... (6) 1

    by Matthew Schut

    There's something about you,
    it amazes me more every day...

  • Talking: alone with the stars.
    Often I stand outside...

  • Can We Pretend? (8)

    by Hades

    Please Vote and Leave Feedback, I find it very...
    I ask of you one favor...

  • Nothing but this. (1)

    by Megan

    So alone, I drown in my own regrets and sorrow.
    Maybe if I would have never asked you what pain...

  • Again it happened today
    I allowed myself to get hurt...

  • Other (1)

    by Natusha

    Day 1
    Solace leaves early in the morning only to find...

  • I am not a poet (6) 6 WIN

    by Natusha

    I am not a poet,
    I am a dancer...

  • And it has
    never changed...

  • This is me (2)

    by Yakari Gabriel

    This is me

  • Poetry Obsession (8)

    by Maple Tree

    I have an obsession with poetry
    a domination that seeps through...

  • Simply (8) 5 WIN

    by Melissa

    I want for love to be wild
    and intoxicatingly sweet...

  • Be With You (11)

    by Justin

    I try to catch your attension
    but it always seem to fail...

  • Just a Dream (11) 2

    by Maple Tree

    I watched an hourglass
    slowly diminish...

  • Valentines day (3)

    by Andre

    It's Valentines day.
    But I have to say...

  • Happy Birthday

    by Marlyn Cabrera

    Happy birthday to someone
    Who’s more than just a friend...

  • I'm sorry :( (17)

    by Rihanna

    I'm sorry for the times you cried,
    and the loneliness you felt inside...

  • Silent tears...</3 (21)

    by Rihanna

    Shush. Do you hear?
    I'm crying, but my tears are silent...

  • In Love With You (6)

    by Truelove

    Being in love with u has made me become invincible...
    every time I think of u I forget what I was doing...

  • How did you sleep? (15) 2

    by Chelsey

    Good morning sweetheart, how did you sleep?
    I didn't get one hour because you weren't next to...

  • I Denounce Valentine's Day (1)

    by Quietly Versed

    Because of everything that you are
    and everything that you stand for...

  • Today is yours, and yours only
    This day comes but once every year...

  • For My Number One (1)

    by Marino Vilano

    I may not always say to you,
    How special you are to me...