Poems About Depression

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  • 2021 NaPoWriMo #25 4

    by M. Rene'

    This loneliness runs rampant
    in and out of my soul, sending...

  • But Compared To... 3

    by Walter

    The young boy of five
    On his birthday...

  • Avolition 6

    by nourayasmine

    It’s cold, twelve degrees below zero.
    You’re remembering her face, how the sun...

  • Hard to digest (senyru) (3) 8

    by Michael

    the lump in my throat
    was from swallowing your pride...

  • Lead Balloons (4) 7

    by Ben Pickard

    have a party for me when I am gone,
    happy in the knowledge that I...

  • Hey Listen (2) 3

    by Everlasting

    If you see a man
    beaten down on the ground by depression itself...

  • Lonely and cold I
    torture myself because my...

  • Shower Thoughts (1) 2

    by I'm_Trippy

    Shower Thoughts
    I want to get out of this shower but I must not...

  • Damsel in Distress

    by I'm_Trippy

    The Queen ended her shift and finally took her...
    The king of darkness arises to show his best...

  • The Silent Attacks (1) 2

    by Kryptonite Dreamer

    I lay in my bed with this silence,
    As most people are closing their eyes...

  • tears roll along
    the sills of my eyelids...

  • Sky Tears (2) 3

    by Alex B

    Falling, pour, moody
    I can relate to the rain...