Poems About Depression

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  • Sorry

    by Anne Moore

    Angry blood flows
    From a hypocrite...

  • A Collection of Dreams (2) 6 HM

    by Maple Tree

    Standing upon a hazy afternoon
    full of sunshine in these eyes of mine...

  • Therapy 1

    by redacted_words

    Could you hold me tonight
    I'm falling apart...

  • 5 Years Ago

    by schmetterling

    I went deeper
    This time...

  • Mute Crickets (2) 3 WIN

    by Maple Tree

    I've lost a speck of me
    down in the darkness...

  • Relapse (1)

    by schmetterling

    I did it,
    I relapsed...

  • Thirty pounds of glitter (2) 4 WIN

    by (Linda) Leavers

    I am pretty.
    By most conventional understanding, that’s me...

  • Thing's I want,
    A life...

  • Elegantly dancing
    under a moon that...

  • Words of a Friend.

    by Justen Smith

    Dedicated to Antonella, a bright light piercing...
    A friend recently quoted...

  • Broken

    by Hazal Sen

    Broken that’s how you leave me every time you...

  • Blackened heart (2) 3

    by Em (marmite)

    tear stains upon my face
    a regular occurrence...