Poems About Family

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  • She is Not Worth it... (28) 1

    by BECCA lessTHANthree

    She's the daughter who is easy to forget,
    The face he just can't seem to remember...

  • Straw Angel
    made by tiny hands...

  • For You Mom (1)

    by Erica

    I was once asked to write about my hero,
    Back then I didn't know who that was...

  • Cardboard boxes were our boats
    Carrying us to far off lands...

  • Pieces of me (4) 1

    by Ingrid de Klerck

    My beloved ones,
    When I die, do not grieve over me...

  • Little bird (23) 23 WIN

    by naaz

    Sweetheart, let me sing you a lullaby
    on a night of November...

  • Forever Your Little Girl (12)

    by Hannah Lizette

    Our first dance I can barely remember;
    however, plenty of pictures prove it's existence...

  • One man and one woman thats where it all starts,
    conquering love, and stealing their hearts...

  • Why Mummy (2)

    by Baybeeh

    Lord, why are there empty pill bottles,
    Scattered on the floor...

  • The Little Girl (1)

    by Max Krakers

    The little girl,
    Ran along her way...

  • My Sister and Me (2)

    by Claire Bear

    We appear to be very different,
    But at heart we are the same...

  • Never Seen A Father (2)

    by Eman D

    16 years of being fatherless
    Many more years to come...