Friendship Poems

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  • One last wish (3) 5

    by Black hole

    Life is a just a journey, where one ends,another
    begins; is there any truth behind these lies...

  • Seventeen (10) 5

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Oh I'm so emotional
    My boy now more like a man...

  • Light

    by Mortal Utopia

    I still remember
    the silken strands of sunlight...

  • Symphony of birth (18) 8

    by Michael

    A natural recital is
    composed between two...

  • Bitter Taste in my Mouth (2) 2

    by Alex Penuelas

    You know what's the best thing
    Since drinking orange juice...

  • My Human and I (3) 3

    by Mortal Utopia

    When I’m not chasing my own tail
    round and round...

  • Always and forever (10) 5

    by Dagmar Wilson

    The times when you saw me smile
    the moments of sharing hugs...

  • Fluff (12) 5

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Fluff is how we measure the love
    Between your heart and mine...

  • She reminds me of once being a child
    times were way different then...

  • Seventy (14) 7

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Now you're *ahem* seventy
    You're wise but never old...

  • Mom, I love you (2)


    I called my mother last night
    And she was not feeling well...

  • My journey (9) 10

    by Brenda

    I see a light
    up on that horizon...