Inspirational Poems

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  • Don't you hate it when people
    kiss your ass and tell you what...

  • Why can't I walk on the moon
    Get away from people every once in a while...

  • I don't know how to hurry (1) 1

    by Seth Rowley

    I don't know how to hurry up.
    I'm appreciative of you...

  • I need more money so I can buy the stuff I want
    Why don't you help me out instead of being a jerk...

  • Stranger tides 1

    by Jamparnell

    If the greatest adventure in life is death, then...
    that death is more like a season then an end...

  • Why? (3) 1

    by patrick

    The human body...

  • An overview

    by patrick

    Man is a rational animal
    In which body and soul are united together as one...

  • The Glacial Heart (6) 7 HM

    by ddavidd

    One day
    the flood of whatever we leave...

  • Not alone (5) 6

    by Em

    Hey you
    sitting here reading this with a heavy heart...

  • Serenade (5) 5

    by Jamie

    To be honest, all I've really done is
    write poems about my depression...

  • One Smile (32) 12 WIN

    by Kasie

    Take your time today and smile,
    For life is just a little while...

  • Swim (8) 4

    by words2myself

    Dive into the sea and feel free
    swim away to far way places...