Poems About Life

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  • Rise (3) 4

    by Jamie

    Beneath abstruse scars lies
    a dormant phoenix waiting...

  • knowing

    by rohit sapra

    Knowing this life
    knowing this world...

  • #14 (3) 3 HM

    by Nil

    Looking down I see him
    With his dimples and curls...

  • I Want to Suffer (4) 4 HM

    by Larry Chamberlin

    For years I’ve espoused the message
    from Gautama Buddha’s life...

  • Blind (6) 4

    by Tony

    We are just shadows on the wall
    In the scheme of the grand design...

  • An Alarming Trend (senryu) (10) 8

    by Ben Pickard

    were far more important than...

  • I am

    by Jyoti Rawat

    I am thinking lot because I have brain
    I am putting my all efforts because I want better...

  • Chaos, chaotic head hung low....
    what would you do...

  • The devil dances close to midnight,
    floating upon walls where the lonely gather...

  • Together

    by Norbertus Krisnu

    Our school’s target is set and to get there, we...

  • Envy

    by Norbertus Krisnu

    Fight for your positive state of mind every day...

  • Value Of

    by rohit sapra

    Sentiments are of some value
    They add glow...