Poems About Society

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  • It spreads fast (10) 6

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I don't think I can let it go
    not any time soon...

  • If you're (2) 5

    by Victor

    If you're stupid and normal
    You probably won't get somewhere in life...

  • The cycle of desensitization. (11) 9 HM

    by Poet on the Piano

    We plant flowers in our chests
    and bloom epiphanies...

  • The real religion (2) 2

    by Sean

    Chaos generated order in numbers;
    broken dreams through computerized 'no...

  • Ms. Teacher Lady (2) 2 HM

    by sibyllene

    I work in a school
    full and full of women...

  • She lays on her back
    watches the clouds fly by...

  • My first case of this affliction
    Happened with a tease...

  • Watcher (3) 2

    by Rei Severs

    Sometimes I wonder if there is more than 3,
    and if there is, I am less than thee...

    Do you believe everything that people say today...

  • Juanito (2) 2

    by Fredy

    Juanito died last night.
    Shot dead out of spite...

  • Fool's Gold (4) 5

    by Dixiedaisy

    To see her now is such a big contrast
    Since many a year have long ago passed...

  • Lord help us (9) 3

    by Dagmar Wilson

    We are living in a time
    sociopaths are dangeriously growing...