Poems About Cyber Love

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  • Little Pickachu

    by fenix flight

    I guess the little Pickachu
    Is all that I have left of you...

  • Why The Rose Is Bloom

    by Ronjoy Brahma

    My darling make in her dokhona
    The design of blooming roses...

  • A Sweet Memory

    by LezLove

    I promised myself to never dwell in the past
    But when it comes to you...

  • My Dear Handsome Pakistani (6) 4

    by mossgirl19

    Skype is where true love is
    My heart in quite a toil...

  • "Distract you..." (10) 7

    by Tony

    Close those blue eyes
    Let me take you away...

  • peak (5) 3

    by gopi nath

    you lay your head on my chest,
    to feel my heart beat...

  • Follow me love, I'll pick you up
    And place you beside my heart...

  • PnQ ball announcement (1) 7

    by Michael

    To all invitees and any other party entries
    your cranky, calamities of collaborations...

  • faraway

    by gopi nath

    you came very close to me,
    to say i leave you...

  • So how often do lies foam like diarrhea from that...
    And if truth was ever ample id have you provide...

  • You

    by **unknown angel**

    I see you
    I smile and get weak...

  • The Last Three Days (6) 5

    by mossgirl19

    The last three days
    I have been in constant check of the time...