Poems About Cyber Love

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  • Rocks and Puddles (18) 7

    by Maher

    A river flows in a tender surrender
    and whilst trees look on, leafy tears kiss the...

  • These marks on my skin
    have started taking on the shape...

  • Worth waiting for!

    by MS Multani

    Only in theory I thought
    I cud find love...

  • Believe

    by Rei Severs

    I believed you were genuine,
    I believed you were sweet...

  • He yet waits (1) 1

    by Stephen Levant

    Hello again. I humbly await the moment to be...

  • A Thousand Words (1) 2

    by Scott Cole

    If Love was a picture
    So perfectly arranged...

  • My Dear Handsome Pakistani 2 (2) 4

    by mossgirl19

    How does the moon look from there, Love?
    It looks so beautiful in here...

  • Salman (acrostic) (9) 6

    by mossgirl19

    Sorry is only easy when you are the one saying it.
    And sadly, even though you know it’s hard for...

  • Oh wow, it really was like fireworks (3) 3

    by The Alaskan Husky

    If I said what I MEANT
    You wouldn't be here...

  • Little Pickachu

    by fenix flight

    I guess the little Pickachu
    Is all that I have left of you...

  • Why The Rose Is Bloom

    by Ronjoy Brahma

    My darling make in her dokhona
    The design of blooming roses...

  • A Sweet Memory 1

    by LezLove

    I promised myself to never dwell in the past
    But when it comes to you...