"I Love You" Poems

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  • Prelude To A Night

    by Soulful Ensemble

    Warm passion overtakes
    Strong arms around your body...

  • I need to be more of a gentleman.
    There is not to many left of us in this world...

  • What Could This Be? (1) 1

    by Soulful Ensemble

    Brown eyes--
    But, in the light some little hazel parts...

  • Marleny 1

    by Soulful Ensemble

    Like Adam with forbidden fruit...

  • Thoughts Of You

    by Soulful Ensemble

    I sit enthralled with thoughts of you,
    All consuming every minute...

  • Love's Last Word (3) 4

    by Mark

    If I had breath to give but one last word
    Could love weight all my brimful heart's outpour...

  • Take My Hand (2) 4

    by alexis karpouzos

    Take my hand.
    We will walk...

  • Just you and me (2) 2

    by Walter

    I arrange a day off early
    And surprise you at the door...

  • Love Within My Heart (1) 1

    by Janice Herzog

    The love that is within my heart,
    I felt right from the very start...

  • Tell Me

    by tayboyyyy

    Tell me what you're feeling,
    Tell me how you feel...

  • Our Love

    by tayboyyyy

    Tell me how you feel,
    Before you change your mind...

  • I Love You

    by tayboyyyy

    I have made a mess of my life,
    When I went left I should of went right...