Sad Poems

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  • Travelling pins,
    Red hot and long...

  • Weary 1

    by Jamie

    Marlboro cigarettes spark the only
    light I've become accustomed to...

  • petrified leaves (syntuit) (7) 5

    by - Mr. Darcy

    you will never know
    of pain until you unearth...

  • weak (1) 1

    by Obscure

    My heart is weakly pumping
    Trying to keep me alive...

  • Predisposition (2) 3

    by silvershoes

    If you make room for me,
    I'll live...

  • Room Tour 2

    by Jamie

    Hoodies lie on the floor in
    this pink carpeted room...

  • Tripping

    by Eve

    It starts growing into you
    Like an unwanted child...

  • This needs to End (3) 3

    by Maple Tree

    Bones are filled with crackling emotion
    suffocating lungs, as if the air isn't enough...

  • Red (2) 2

    by Jamie

    Unkempt bedding litters a cluttered
    floor, covering each failed attempt...

  • Walking down the veins of my heart;
    by the silence of the sky...

  • misc. 2 (1) 1

    by Obscure

    I want to look how I feel inside
    A horrible monster of destruction and rage...

  • misc. (1) 1

    by Obscure

    My flesh is slipping
    Easing off my bones...