Sad Poems

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  • You've been abused and pushed to the ground
    And the love you once felt is no longer around...

  • Lost angels (5) 4

    by Brenda

    You will never know
    the depth of my love...

  • Mazed mind (3) 3

    by Em (marmite)

    My mind confines me
    to the fours walls I...

  • All alone. (2) 2

    by LostSoul

    These walls hold me. They contain me. They give me...
    For my boys Lincoln and Hudson, im sorry that this...

  • Discrimination (1) 1

    by Maple Tree

    I dont answer the phone anymore-
    her medical shadow has nothing good to say...

  • Shall I return to fading scribes of old?
    That once with each a turn and covered page...

  • Dark Thoughts. (2) 1

    by Fenrir

    Sometimes I wake to
    Think this will be the day i...

  • Once a Hippie (6) 6

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Darkness and me, we are a team
    then there is this hippie waiting to be born...

  • demons encroach upon my mind
    a stomping ground for reapers of darkness...

  • Here (2) 2

    by Trampled Angel

    It’s like I’ve been here.
    I can’t decide if...

  • Anxiety (1) 1

    by Lady Nik

    Breathing doesn’t come easy anymore
    I choke on this air, we just don’t mix...

  • Two days before leaving you 1

    by nourayasmine

    Don't make promises you
    can't keep, because...