Sad Poems

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  • Stumbling ahead (4) 2

    by Kasie

    I'm so alone,
    Within this world...

  • The Void (6) 3

    by Justen Smith

    Lost in my mind,
    Like a vast ocean...

  • It's been months since we conversed
    and it disheartens me because...

  • I Write With No Ink (15) 10

    by Ben Pickard

    Over the mountains and over the hills,
    I carry my quill and dead daffodils...

  • Sadness (acrostic) (4) 5

    by Phil

    Sparkly eyes seep
    Alarming truths...

  • Perfect Guy (2) 2

    by Jenny Paradise

    For as long as she can remember,
    she's been mistreated...

  • David. #3

    by Nil

    I find it funny and kind of ironic
    That you'd have the perfect...

  • Contaminated (5) 8

    by Em

    tears form like crystals in her eyes
    by no means can they be ceased...

  • As hard as I try to deter the thoughts niggling in...
    by keeping busy they creep up on me when I'm lying...

  • Meatless Freak the slaughter (11) 5

    by Courtney Hough

    I can’t live in this world,
    Nothing but violence and fear...

  • Her eyes have become dull,
    the whispers buried...

  • Longing for freedom (3) 2

    by Erin Cruise

    I felt the sun today
    for the first time in ages...