Sad Poems

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  • Family (2)

    by BloodyBrokenAngel

    Look in her eyes
    You'll see all she's holding...

  • Afraid to lose you (4)

    by Mahou Negima

    Rain pours down and you have not come back
    Days go by and the world has gone black...

  • Goodbye. (2)

    by Ellis

    For All The Time Im Frowning
    For All The Time I Cry...

  • Emo kid (2)

    by Dustin S

    Here lay the emo kid in his house,
    He lay quite as a mouse...

  • My Favourite Angel (dedicated to my aunty) (4) 4

    by Am I Your Favourite Horse

    There is an old saying
    God only takes the best...

  • Through our eyes we see
    and with our ears we hear...

  • Downward Spiral of Cutting.

    by PoisonousChick

    Her memories consume,
    With her feelings of shame...

  • Are You Alive? (4)

    by isabel

    It hits and it hurts and it burns, deep inside
    You can choose between attempting suicide...

  • Sticks and Holes (2)

    by Jessica

    "Sticks & Holes*
    Dialed numbers dig into skin...

  • I'm Sorry. (2)

    by cassie

    Im sorry that im a failure,
    that i cant do anything right...

  • Ordinary piece (4) 1

    by Summer

    Just a face in the crowd
    A raindrop in the sea...

  • Reflection (2)

    by XxxxSoManyStitchesxxxX

    There is this mirror
    Near my door...