Sad Poems

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  • In The Bathroom

    by schmetterling

    I’m in my friends bathroom
    And I’m struggling...

  • Hold me for real

    by Imperfection

    I feel like things have changed
    I could be wrong...

  • Death

    by ImTheGirl

    The thing about death is it's final
    Often there's no time for one more good-bye...

  • Long Ago

    by Walter

    Yes of course there’s always choice
    On the paths that we will take...

  • Wanted

    by schmetterling

    How can I love myself
    When there is so much...

  • Thirty pounds of glitter (2) 2

    by (Linda) Leavers

    I am pretty.
    By most conventional understanding, that’s me...

  • Hysterectomy 1

    by (Linda) Leavers

    It’s like the space my uterus to be
    is filled with confusion...

  • I've Suffered Enough (1) 1

    by schmetterling

    Last night
    I wanted to kill myself...

  • I am barely awake and it's dark outside
    I feel the warmth of you by my side...

  • Amy Girl

    by Olivia

    My beautiful angel looking down upon me as I walk...

  • Thing's I want,
    A life...

  • I Want to Die

    by schmetterling

    I want
    To cut...