Sad Poems

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  • My bags are packed
    But nowhere to go...

  • Deep Within

    by Mimi

    Deep within my withered soul
    I seek for something to find...

  • Im me; a daughter free

    by Courtney Hough

    *any typos or errors I’m just frustration...
    I’m just me...

  • Save this ship 1

    by Obscure

    I am a boat
    Taking on water...

  • Such Dreams, I Dream (5) 3

    by Ben Pickard

    If every songbird broke the dawn
    With melodies untrimmed...

  • I look at you
    And I can see it in your face...

  • Alarm Bells - Senryu (2) 1

    by Walter

    I hardly hear you
    Like a clock you are silent...

  • It seems love's a gamble and rarely wins
    But when I first saw you, I had to fall...

  • Red (1) 1

    by undrawable

    Red, my favourite
    Didn't think it was right...

  • It feels - 3

    by Skyfire

    like being erased.
    like being snuffed out...

  • Gone 1

    by Skyfire

    Fluorescent lights are strewn
    across the ceiling...

  • Loss (2) 2

    by Skyfire

    in the silence...