Sad Quotes

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  • Lost her.. Once
    Lost her... Twice
    Lost her... Forever...
    And I am completely lost

  • People say when a relationship ends your heart breaks. It’s much more complex than that... the loss of true love hits your soul and destroys you from the core.

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  • Phlem floods voids where flowers once grew

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  • Conquer the fear, and win the fight.

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  • I was born to be alone

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  • You are in a sorry state if you feel sorry for yourself.

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  • Regrets are self-created and cause for further regrets.

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  • We once were what we may never be again.

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  • I sit alone on the roof tonight, cloaked with sadness and scarfed in lonliness but they do nothing to warm me up and instead remind me of how cold it is outside.

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  • Missed for a lifetime;
    Loved for an eternity.

    Copyright C Cattaway 1996

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