Sad Quotes

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  • Just because I sometimes think of suicide..
    It doesn't mean I want to die..
    It means I want the pain to end..

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  • Scars and smiles are one and the same
    Because the people that smile the most
    Have the most scars and hide the worst pain

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  • You care about everyone in this world except me...

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  • Can you feel my tears which I silently shed for you daily....

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  • "Take me, take me to the Lord,
    I dont wanna keep on fighting..
    I cant do this anymore.."

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  • Everything inside is screaming,
    With open wounds that ooze,
    Maggots feeding and teeming,
    Her pallor gray and bruised.

    This is how she feels inside,
    With no relief in sight.
    So she smiles wide, she smiles bright,
    And screams into the night.

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  • If only I knew the skeletons you hid.

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  • It's been awhile since I've heard from you. And now i'm craving you.

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  • Being by myself isn't safe. I'm not worried about someone else breaking in because I am the intruder and the killer.

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  • If you could get ahold of me and talk to me about anything, please tell me that the first thing you ask wouldn't be about my love life. You left. You have no right.

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