Poems About Being Best Friends

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  • Goodbye (2) 1

    by Brooke

    "I'm leaving" she said.
    "I'm leaving to go away&quot...

  • Harlea (3)

    by Love vs Fate

    You are this amazing person...

  • An Ode To My Friend (3) 2

    by RustySoul

    So soft her skin like the petals of a flower,
    All virtues in her lie...

  • If only you knew (2)

    by wendy

    Knowing that your heart breaks slowly,
    Knowing that your world shatters without warning...

  • Don't fear I am here (7) 3

    by waiting 4 some1

    Dear my best friend I have a message for you
    Just one thing you need to know and one thing to...

  • Friendship (2)

    by Catherine Sawyer

    A friend is a person who you can trust...

  • My Human and I (3) 3

    by M.U.

    When I’m not chasing my own tail
    round and round...

  • She's back(: (2)

    by Sami

    My girl.
    She's back...

  • Amiga (3)

    by Fluffy

    Friends always stick for each other
    As well as friendships lasts forever...

  • Of friendship and Of love (3)

    by Jim McMillen the man within

    6/24/08--9:25--7:25 am
    Of Friendship and Of love...

  • My great friend (1)

    by Rhiannon

    You see deep down into my soul.
    You complete me and make me whole...

  • I promise. (1)

    by Lindsay

    Your eyes were tearing up
    From a heartbreak you didn't deserve...