Poems About Love and Friendship

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  • The Dawn

    by Nobody

    I know the look your eyes give
    when you’ve been stuck...

  • The Beuaty I See

    by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo

    The Beauty I See
    By Taiwo O. Oluwaseye...

  • Eye to Eye (2) 3

    by Alex Penuelas

    We may not always
    See eye to eye...

  • To Hallie

    by fenix flight

    Pull me up
    Drag me to the Bathroom...

  • I Wish (5) 4 HM

    by Matt Carroll

    I wish I had the words, the means to bring you...
    To show you light beyond these troubles, that the...

  • beauty in innocence

    by Dancing Rivers

    I have to make a confession
    this poem is a dedication...

  • Astral Hugs (8) 7

    by Angie

    Astral Hugs
    It's been years...

  • Midnight Sprite #2 (9) 5

    by Aries Rising

    I wonder where you wander lovely
    And I dwell upon your dreams...

  • without you (4) 2

    by k.won

    I thought of a song
    but it had no tune...

  • I live for the nights,
    When I cannot sleep...

  • The Smile Within Your Heart (3) 6

    by Mortal Utopia

    I once held onto your heart,
    not realising...

  • last seed (4) 2

    by gopi nath

    A friend like you is hard to find
    you put my problems all behind...