Poems About Society

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  • Grieving nations (10) 4

    by Dagmar Wilson

    People were gunned down
    bullets flying through a church...

  • Chaos (Acrostic) (19) 9

    by Michael

    Habitual images...

  • Truth (7) 5

    by Deana

    Written for a club challenge: see the world today...
    I chose Sojourner Truth ( Isabella Baumfree...

  • A Soldier's Story (3) 1

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Bodies laying in the field,
    All the spoils war does yield...

  • His and Hers Suits (6) 3

    by debbylyn

    His and Hers Suits
    Wrinkle cascade where her heart used to be...

  • It spreads fast (10) 6

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I don't think I can let it go
    not any time soon...

  • Pretentious (2) 3 HM

    by Yakari Gabriel

    You always want to dig
    deep under my skin...

  • The Angel's Lullaby (contest) (3) 1

    by Choose xX Alex Xx Life

    Soft whispers; The wind of death.
    Approaches the area more than often...

  • If you're (2) 5

    by Victor

    If you're stupid and normal
    You probably won't get somewhere in life...

  • War---Peace (Acrostic) (12) 10

    by Michael

    Are the lives of the innocent through...

  • An Alarming Trend (senryu) (10) 8

    by Ben Pickard

    were far more important than...

  • This river reeks of shameful impurities -
    stretching; contorting snake strangles land...