Poems About First Love

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  • I step of the bus
    and glance around...

  • Heart enclosed in a doughnut of allergies--
    suffering sugar aches and bitten tongues...

  • Let me be. (3)

    by XoXoBriannaoXoX

    Let me tell you what its like,
    To feel completly broken inside...

  • Mind Before Your Heart (1)

    by LostLove329

    Mind: They said they saw him tricking and i think...
    Heart: No it's not...

  • Btk. (3)

    by xx

    Oh no, this "poem" was terrible.
    Oh no, this "poem" was terrible...

  • I Can't Let Go (3)

    by Alexis

    I've been trying to forget you,
    and the way you made me feel...

  • Teacher (1)

    by eponine lovefool

    I watch him pacing down the hall
    his hair two different shades of grey...

  • Pain And Confusion (3)

    by Sara Sutton

    So many tears falling to the ground,
    All i want is for you to be around...

  • Forever (1)

    by krazykisses

    Your eyes are what made me fall,
    I gave you my number and you really did call...

  • My Love (1)

    by Latosha Conatser

    So many times I cried,
    Because I really never knew...

  • Teach me to walk. (1)

    by Helene

    In between the heartaches,
    And in between the sorrow...

  • I have to let u go (1)

    by samantha rhoads

    Racing thoughts,
    as u touch my hand...