"I Love You" Poems

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  • Ill Be There.. (4) 2

    by C J T

    I want you in my arms so badly it hurts.
    I want you to know i love you so much...

  • when where & how (6) 3

    by brittany williams

    How do you compete for someone's heart?
    When it belongs to someone else...

  • My Hearts In Your Hands

    by Robert Long

    my hearts in your hands
    and you can do as you please...

  • Sleep (15) 9 HM

    by Risqué

    The sun has not yet risen when I kiss your heart...
    my eyes flutter shut and sleep takes me...

  • Not Much Longer. (8) 4

    by C J T

    I can see you in my mind
    Happy all of the time...

  • Miss You More.. (8) 4

    by C J T

    You can tell me that you miss me
    Like the birds in the winter miss the trees...

  • For You

    by C J T

    They could put a wall between us
    But for you, i would tear it down...

  • On a Red Rose (1) 1

    by ddavidd

    If you stay here a little longer
    I would do nothing...

  • Dancing with Light (1) 1

    by ddavidd

    I swim in all the ocean
    with mermaids, dolphins, and whale...

  • Miss You.. (1) 1

    by C J T

    I miss your cheesy jokes,
    I miss your warm embrace...

  • Uncle Jim Poem (Triolet) (3) 1

    by Abstract Poet

    I see a face on the
    moon I see the...

  • the first time you held me
    my heart skipped beats...