"I Love You" Poems

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  • While You Sleep (Senryu) (7) 7

    by mossgirl19

    You breathe next to me
    Eyes closed, innocent they are...

  • just you (10) 10

    by Em

    Our bond's so deep that
    my heart feels bruised...

  • A story from the heart (2)

    by stephanie

    I once heard a story straight from the heart
    About a girl and how her world began to fall apart...

  • Distanced. (9) 8

    by Loco4Loco

    So far apart...

  • I know you loved her,
    I know you miss her...

  • I love you. (2)

    by katie

    I love you can be said in very many ways,
    It's just a bunch of words...

  • Sure, the idea of this may be complicated, but my...
    I didn't know what to think at first...

  • Tale as Old as Time (3) 1

    by StandStill

    It's been a while since she's seen him,
    Funny how we drift apart...

  • Teenage Sweetheart (3)

    by Nanita

    My Teenage Sweetheart, Baby Boy
    Mi Amor. Mi Todo. Aqui Estoy...

  • Error (2)

    by Jennifer RIP Lesthat Hayden

    Ooo this love is SO confusing,
    but you know I'll try my best...

  • A Poem for You! (2)

    by James Weatherbee

    When did this start;
    I can feel your heart...

  • I wanna (2)

    by Tiiffaanyy

    I wanna love you, but your so far away
    so far away from me...