Poems About What Is Love

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  • Stay (Song) (5) 3

    by Maher

    Excuse me, Miss, may I forget
    this broken heart I've yet to set...

  • Just You

    by Scrittore

    One day you'll meet someone and once again you'll...

  • Elements of love (18) 8 HM

    by Michael

    Tiny segments of hope
    and promises drizzle a...

  • Show Me (1) 2

    by B.

    cry for me once today,
    it's the anodyne i need...

  • Burn (2) 5

    by B.

    How stupid are you..
    to fall for that again...

  • Red Roses (Acrostic) (12) 5

    by Michael

    Romance echoes through the air as
    Euphoric feelings entwine...

  • the never-ending storm (1) 1

    by BeautifulAgony

    i stand alone in an empty city,
    tall buildings litter the skyline I've built...

  • Love Song (10) 5

    by B.

    i look through the smoke rings
    born of that smouldering tip...

  • Collective Soul (11) 6

    by Risqué

    How beautiful it is
    to be able to leave a piece of your heart...

  • ...music to my ears (17) 11

    by Michael

    born from serenity
    a melody...

  • My soul (24) 12 WIN

    by Free verse

    How about
    putting a butterfly...

  • Honesty (acrostic) (16) 8

    by Michael

    Hearts which are
    Open with truth will...