Poems About New Love

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  • Fell (15) 8 HM

    by Maher

    Have you seen the waves that drip from the sky -
    bound by the Earth and the faces of tides...

  • Kid stuff (8) 5 WIN

    by Melissa

    I find it quite peculiar
    the way you blow kisses in my hair...

  • New Love (3)

    by XxBAYBiiGiRLxX

    Listening to music is what i do
    but it only makes me think of you...

  • Hey I like you (4)

    by Kelsie Danielle

    I like the way you look at me
    the way I look at you...

  • Hold My Hand (7) 5

    by C Cattaway

    I listened to the radio.
    The songs were playing loud...

  • If you wanna lay next to me
    Lay next to me...

  • When I look at you (6)

    by Jessica

    When I look at you
    I see a person so caring...

  • A girl who once.. (1)

    by BleedingRose

    Behind this smile is a girl who once had so much...
    So many tears saved...

  • This Aint Some Cheesy Story (3)

    by rebeccasarah

    This aint some cheesy story,
    about that boy who makes me smile...

  • Lucas - born 23.11.2000 (7) 2

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Hello, my name is Lucas,
    People say, I'm a great boy...

  • Writing Disease (1)

    by Beautiful Forever

    This isn't right, it just won't do,
    I can't write a perfect poem for you...

  • Dungeon (3)

    by Fallen Angel

    Behind her four walls she sits and she waits
    When she built up her walls she left out her gates...