Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • Just Friends

    by Angel in moonlight

    Today I saw your face for the first time since we...
    I wanted to cry because I still love you...

  • I Wanted To Smile (2)

    by Mishka

    When i wanted approval
    you shut me down...

  • Undercurrent of love (2) 2

    by Anthony M

    Waves crash upon the beach
    leaving the lost souls of love behind...

  • You'll Never Know Mom (3)

    by x325xRunawayTrainx103x

    I've been alone now, for a few years
    Fighting my own fight and wiping my own tears...

  • F@#$ You! (2)


    Tonight Im wearing my best smile
    and hope to make it worth your while...

  • Tear Stains (2)

    by LoveYourMan

    What is that...

  • She Thought (2)

    by Sam

    She thought she could believe in him -
    He said their love was true...

  • A weathered, frayed doll sits quietly at a corner
    Its patches illuminated by dim rays of light...

  • Never win my heart again (2)

    by hopefulsmile

    You turn whole my life around
    You mess up my life...

  • Tears Lasting a Lifetime

    by XxBrokenInsidexX

    Sometimes crying is all I know how to do
    Reminiscing on the past...

  • Your not there (2)

    by Vyla

    I walk through the world without your hand
    i look to the sky as i lye on the land...

  • Your making it hard... (2)

    by XxBrokenInsidexX

    I feel like your not only mine
    I'm stuck pretending...