Poems About Saying "Goodbye" to a Friend

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  • The Twist of Losing You (2) 2

    by Cast Out Angel

    I lost you.
    You threw a dagger at my heart...

  • Had enough 1

    by Rey Severs

    There's a hole in my heart,
    You left it there...

  • Wintry Chill

    by Marc Ortiz

    Have you ever felt like you lost yourself?
    As for me, I no longer feel things...

  • To my Bird, love Mama (10) 8

    by Brenda

    I no longer
    end my calls...

  • It's not goodbye it's see you later.
    I will see you again when it's my time...

  • Parting 2

    by Mortal Utopia

    I still had so much to say
    between our stunted farewells...

  • Ain (1) 1

    by Axel

    For 7 years, we had a blast
    And now my tears, their flow won't stop...

  • As time goes-by (11) 10

    by Michael

    As seasons pass, there is a day,
    I’ll visit where, your bones now lay...

  • This is not an ode to Freddy,
    Though his words seem rather apt...

  • Creator Of My Past

    by Dhruv Arneja

    To end,
    My trembling heart...

  • Bon voyage (8) 4 HM

    by Michael

    beneath a black-netted curtain;
    her face simmers in a sombre shade of pale...

  • March of Gold

    by Blake

    Golden fields
    Welcome tender breeze...