Poems About Saying "Goodbye" to a Friend

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  • Dad (1) 1

    by DarkxPrincess1991

    You were a great man
    You were many things...

  • The Old Harbor (2) 2

    by NightFlyer

    The Old Harbor
    Went down to the sea today...

  • The big C

    by Trinity

    When you were diagnosed we had hope, we had a...
    The treatments they could offer meant your chance...

  • Wayward Feet (1) 2

    by Once an Angel

    Where to plant, I cannot guess,
    these tired, wayward feet...

  • Cat Named Cotton (2)

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    I'm not a huge pet person,
    But before I was 11 years old...

  • You’ll know these words before you die
    ‘People live to sanctify...

  • Everybody's Mum (Joan) (5) 1

    by CJ Maleney

    Joan of Ark you never were
    God intended something more...

  • Pariah

    by Matt Carroll

    Cast aside, like I am nothing, just another...
    Pushed away, stepped around, a passerby in the...

  • Your Legacy Lives On 1

    by schmetterling

    We're coming up
    on four years...

  • The Twist of Losing You (2) 3

    by Once an Angel

    I lost you.
    You threw a dagger at my heart...

  • Had enough 1

    by Rey Severs

    There's a hole in my heart,
    You left it there...

  • Wintry Chill

    by Marc Ortiz

    Have you ever felt like you lost yourself?
    As for me, I no longer feel things...