love quotes

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  • Maybe finding someone to share everything with is not the point.
    Maybe the point is to feel fulfilled in the self-consciousness of individuality.

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  • I needed you like the desert needs rain, to fill the cracks on the surface and nourish the deep soil.
    Turns out you were the sun.

    by Kate
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  • I am not a stranger
    No I am yours
    With crippled anger
    And tears that still drip sore

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  • I love the flutter my heart makes every time we talk.

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  • When I'm in your arms the pain goes away.

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  • I stare at my phone and whisper, "maybe I am just a fool for thinking I am good enough..."

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  • If your ex texts you saying 'I miss you' that means the other person they tried to replace you with failed.

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  • Strength isn't always determined by the weight on your shoulders, but on how you are able to let go

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  • She's stubborn, insecure, and gets jealous. she texts him to see how he's doing. she's clingy at times and picks fights with him. she's no way near perfect. but throughout all those things she cares and is crazy in love with him. <3


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  • You became my everything and maybe that was my mistake. Making you more important than my own self.

    by Ash
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