love quotes

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  • Maybe finding someone to share everything with is not the point.
    Maybe the point is to feel fulfilled in the self-consciousness of individuality.

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  • Ours is a love that light understands; ours is a truce forged in silence. Before life began, I was parched in your absence.

    by Daniel
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  • It's ironic, once we've matured enough to understand love, we're often too mature to receive it.

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  • Love is like
    Two bubbles kissing,
    That very instant
    One goes missing.

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  • We often tip-toe into love, like searching for a light in the dark - it's always much easier with a hand to hold

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  • You push me, when I'm a door that you should've pulled.

    by Blank
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  • Together, we name this moment Eternity; although in truth, it lasts but an instant...

    by [M(/)U]
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  • I love the flutter my heart makes every time we talk.

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  • Sometimes, I can't tell whether it is my weak will, or your strong perfume.

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  • To me you're perfect; No matter what you say or do, I'll never want you to be someone other than you

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