Funny Poems For Kids

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  • Mommies Shoes (2) 1


    Hi, my name is Clive, and I’m five, I heard the...

  • Months' poem (3) 2

    by Mahesh Kachare

    Let's have some fruits and curry
    Year has started with January...

  • Piggy Wiggy (Limerick) (13) 6

    by mossgirl19

    There was once a purple pig
    Little puddles it did dig...

  • roben (1) 1

    by derick dagg

    Ruben is red Ruben is blue but superman is collet...

  • Angel's Drink Coffee (4) 4

    by Maple Tree

    Upon an early dawning
    they bounce above the sky...

  • Ball Point Pen: (1)

    by Scott Cole

    Im but a lead pencil
    I only dream of a pen...

  • Calling All Doctors:

    by Scott Cole

    My deadly snake venum
    is coursing through your veins...

  • Glass Slipper:

    by Scott Cole

    she lost her...

  • My imaginary friend (5) 2

    by CJ Maleney

    Bubble gum wants a biscuit dad.
    Oh really, why is that...

  • Wild Child (7) 3

    by Kasie

    A mini tornado,
    Storming through my house...

  • There's monsters in my closet
    And underneath my bed...

  • Make Up Your Mind:

    by Scott Cole

    It takes two socks
    To make a pair...