Patriotic Poems

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  • Cage of Souls 1

    by Ramon G Haupt

    As so many want to fall and taste the end,
    Instead of rising and uplift to knight the light...

  • the Uniform (1) 1

    by Tommy

    Every time I put on this uniform I can't help but...

  • Ghosts (3) 4 HM

    by Tony

    I can still see the men
    Who have died by my hand...

  • Calloused 2

    by Tony

    My feet are calloused from walking
    Hundreds of miles in these boots...

  • Time For Change (1) 1

    by Jayde

    No matter where you go,
    You are bombarded by politics...

  • The arrow (2) 2

    by Cheska

    what did you feel,
    throwing some food...

  • Twas the night before Christmas and all through...
    The soldiers were all feasting on corn on the cob...

  • Going "Home" (5) 6

    by Tony

    Like a baseline thrumming through my soul
    An ebbing flow I can't control...

  • Remember, Lest We Forget (2) 1

    by C Cattaway

    Your sacrifice, remembered as
    The day turns in to night...

  • Dented, Not Broken (8) 6 HM

    by C Cattaway

    Tormented, not broken.
    So delicately dented...

  • Come grab yourself a bollard boy
    And I'll spin you a dit...

  • Remember Me (2)

    by Paul Hirst

    When the guns fall silent
    when the last shots fired...