Poems About Desired Love

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  • A Dance of Passion (5) 3

    by Kereen

    He traced the veins
    that patterned my hand...

  • Fire (1) 1

    by Beautiful Chaos

    I am fire
    Ember and flame...

  • Letter to my Siren (1) 1

    by Tony

    To whom it does not concern,
    It would have been infinitely more merciful if you...

  • A song from paradise. (7) 8 WIN

    by Purvi Gadia

    Each midnight Skylark
    sings its song to me...

  • She calls herself weird
    I call her amazing...

  • Homeless (3) 2

    by The Monster you Trust

    All the haunting hurts less
    when I know where you are...

  • Love :
    Love, I wonder if I have ever known love the way...

  • All is Fair (1) 1

    by Tony

    Red wine splashes ruby lips
    Manacured nails on finger tips...

  • Staring through the looking glass
    A crystal ball, silver and blue...

  • Sparrow chick (5) 5

    by Sinners gospel

    It was yesterday
    when my heart was a sparrow chick...

  • Our eclipsed soul (6) 5

    by Sinners gospel

    Thanks to Nee for helping me out with the title.
    Don't let me wander in alleys of yesterday...

  • I Do (2) 1

    by Karen Montegrande

    Don't know why I can't get enough of you
    Your the only thing that I've wished for that have...