Poems About Desired Love

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  • You can't be described (13) 6

    by Emily Wacker

    You are somewhere between day and night,
    I believe few people are made of daylight...

  • Intricacies (8) 4 HM

    by Emily Wacker

    The sun hides behind your chest,
    The sky behind your eyelids...

  • Seasonal Beauty (13) 6

    by Emily Wacker

    Your smile fuels my hope,
    Even when I think that there is no chance in the...

  • Rarities

    by Something Strange

    The sun shining through the trees,
    The grass waving with the breeze...

  • Swept away

    by Risqué

    Silver night
    The stars cast away from the shine of this moon...

  • No Responses (3) 2

    by Emily Wacker

    Everytime time I see you I feel the need to hide,
    Your presence is unbearable...

  • If you let me


    The time will come
    When it will rain on your parade...

  • Desire of Forbidden Fruit (5) 5

    by Blue Smurf

    I’m losing myself in a self-destructive battle,
    With blood gushing through my open wounds...

  • I Love You (1) 1

    by Diablosangel87

    Id love to be the air you breathe love that floods...

  • Dream Come True

    by Diablosangel87

    Ever since I laid eyes on you, I knew for a fact...

  • Trust Again (1) 1

    by C Cattaway

    My head is filled with words that I
    Cannot sort in to sentences...

  • Three birds soar above a canyon - high;
    upon the wind's many backs, they do fly...