Poems About Desired Love

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  • Lili (4) 2

    by Jordan

    Lili is a tiger,
    Lili is a lion...

  • Starved Love - Journey of the Mind (Sestina)
    In love and life I ride the waves...

  • Beautiful Mirage (4) 2

    by SashaMirage

    Lying in the hot desert, shaded by love
    Whispering words of romance in your ear...

  • Here's a question (2)

    by Tina Marie

    Hey there sir
    Do you have a minute...

  • Have you ever fallen in love with someone
    that you shouldn't have fallen in love with...

  • Is it you? (2)

    by coreys girl

    I'm looking for a lover not a friend
    someone i can run to in the end...

  • When? (2)

    by Dani

    When are we going to be together?
    Will you love me now? Or will it take forever...

  • A Boy and A Girl (2)

    by Jess

    I know this is a long poem but it is worth...
    A boy and a girl...

  • Recipe for Heartbreak (2)

    by ImTheGirl

    The recipe for heartbreak is very simple
    All you need is a boy who doesn't care...

  • I let your heart down again.
    Something I always seem to do...

  • Dreamers Abandon (2)

    by Nathan

    The dew glistens off the new spring grass
    Footsteps trail through its refreshing embrace...

  • But do you know me (3)

    by Spirit

    I see you every single day
    In almost every single way...