"I Love You" Poems

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  • Like a poem (9) 5

    by Phoenix ¥

    If only life was like a poem
    And the words we wrote came true...

  • Mi Amor

    by Bob

    Breathtakingly gorgeous angel gracefully gliding...
    Stealing victoriously my feeble miniscule heart in...

  • Pregnant Summer (28) 14

    by Ben Pickard

    As the summer sun shines upon our children,
    casting ever longer shadows with the passing of...

  • Breathless (5) 7 HM

    by Ben

    I can sincerely say...

  • It Means I Still Love You (4) 3

    by Someone Invisible

    The feelin' in my chest is new and yet painfully...
    Its like the butterflies you gave me before have...

  • Through Summer Winds (8) 4

    by RustySoul

    Summer winds, take forth my hugs
    'n sweet kisses that's in the air...

  • One (4) 1

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    My chest on your chest
    My heart on your heart...

  • Don't Let Go

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    Stay with me
    Don't leave me...

  • What Made Me Give In

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    What made me give in..
    Your sweet, gentle lips...

  • From The Start

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    From The Start
    When your days...

  • Love Me

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    Don't give up on me...

  • Tell Me

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    Tell me you want me,
    And that you need me...