"I Love You" Poems

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  • Amorous Musing (5) 7

    by Beautiful Chaos

    It could have been those eyes
    Sharpened daggers of truth...

  • Dreams (3) 1

    by kevin Boundy AKA the ghost

    I keep hoping and wishing
    The dreams i have will come true...

  • just you (10) 10

    by Em

    Our bond's so deep that
    my heart feels bruised...

  • Sleeping Child (6) 6 HM

    by Paralyzed

    The sweetest breath I've ever felt,
    Whispers on my cheek...

  • Your Mermaid Song (4) 3

    by NightFlyer

    We meet again one dreamy night
    Of emerald green on midnight's shore...

  • Angel From Above (3) 1

    by Sam Dent

    I know it may not seem.
    That I love you in this way...

  • Not the Only One (5)

    by Cody B

    I hope I live up to my words because I know it's...
    She reads as her tears trickle to her keyboard...

  • Us (2) 2

    by Victor


  • Oh no, this "poem" was terrible.
    Oh no, this "poem" was terrible...

  • When Will It Be?? (1)

    by Taylor**Mae

    You told me you loved me,
    Is what you said true...

  • Saying, "I love you" (1)

    by Beautiful Forever

    Static voices it's opinion through air,
    Scratched sounds echo through deaf ears...

  • Please, please say I love you. (3)

    by Artistic Fallen Angel

    I think I love you but not completely sure, the...
    Gaze into your eyes, I lose all sense of life it...