"I Love You" Poems

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  • Oh no, this "poem" was terrible.
    Oh no, this "poem" was terrible...

  • When Will It Be?? (1)

    by Taylor**Mae

    You told me you loved me,
    Is what you said true...

  • I love him so much..
    I miss him every day...

  • Love Pulled the Trigger (13)

    by LoverandHater

    Rip me open slowly,
    You like to hear me shout...

  • Us (2) 2

    by Victor


  • Spare me a minute you will know
    how strong and true my love does grow...

  • Amorous Musing (5) 7

    by Beautiful Chaos

    It could have been those eyes
    Sharpened daggers of truth...

  • Sand in Your Eyes. (3) 1

    by She Is My Rain

    I catch you staring at me
    and I wonder if you realize...

  • Unending (2) 2

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Glowing stars,
    Shining moon...

  • When I fell in Love (1)

    by Light A Way

    Summer nights,
    Laying outside with you...

  • Lost Battle (3) 1

    by Bob

    Baby soft smooth hands gently caressing my rough...
    Wishing begging to suddenly magically disappear...

  • In Love (3) 1

    by Illusion

    She came into my heart like a moving storm
    and instantly I follow like the driest leaf...