Poems About Lasting Love

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  • No regrets (10) 10

    by Brenda

    I've rushed headlong
    into life at times...

  • His heart and her heart
    they pulse ruby rain...

  • More (16) 7

    by Brenda

    Four small letters,
    forming one word...

  • Our story (16) 10

    by Brenda

    Giving up on love
    wasn't an easy thing...

  • Touch

    by Michelle Sarich

    How many regrets must I face again
    Just to face the tragedy of losing my friend...

  • Without You (3) 3

    by ddavidd

    Let me die in your arms
    for they remind me...

  • Amidst

    by Amrita Singh

    Do you realize...

  • The Warrior 1

    by Ixora

    I imagine love being a blazing inferno
    The brave are sure of the other side and jump...

  • My Sweet Miss Katherine Kay (5) 4

    by Matt Carroll

    Not moonlights gleam, nor shine of stars
    Dance of the Aurora, nor the deep-red hue of Mars...

  • Always, (6) 2

    by Jessy Rojnik

    How long will it last? I ask myself deeply in...
    It only can go two ways, it will last forever or...

  • A message (1) 2

    by Victor

    Look down
    I love you...

  • A dream so real, Become real. (10) 7

    by Jessy Rojnik

    While I was in war with myself in my head
    In one of my most negative days...