Poems About New Love

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  • Love-line. (2) 2

    by Fenrir

    I remember why I don't introduce the people I fall...
    She has an aura, that no one can escape...

  • New Beginnings 1

    by Love

    And that was it-
    Your soul became my future garden...

  • Month of June (3) 3 HM

    by Ya----Na

    I can never forget
    that month of June...

  • Once the jasmines grow in my heart,
    my dying soul won't rip apart...

  • My Love (4) 4

    by Megan Chapman

    My Love
    When I finally loved myself there you were...

  • Refreshing Presence

    by Kyleene Mitchell

    Residing in a cold and desolate world
    Left without a ray of light...

  • Evening Shade (5) 3

    by Glenn Gay

    My journey through life
    Was longer than some...

  • Burning Water (1) 1

    by Prophecies In Kodak

    last night i saw your shadow, laying next to me in...
    your beauty is no secret, i want the world blind...

  • Alone Child

    by Derrain de Silva

    Into this world I was born
    With no sisters or brothers to call my own...

  • Breeze of happiness (1) 2

    by Ya----Na

    Breeze of her drizzling smile
    when embraces my withered heart...

  • Hold My Hand (7) 5

    by C Cattaway

    I listened to the radio.
    The songs were playing loud...

  • Because you love me (2) 1

    by Razelle Anne

    I met you during my darkest days
    yet you stood by me...