Poems About Secret Love

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  • Burning Effigy

    by Soulful Ensemble

    Special feelings came and stayed
    As a days' labor made us one...

  • What is poetry?
    Is it fear of drowning within the ocean of...

  • Without all the magic and spell
    Our love is like a fairy tale...

  • Secret feelings

    by Spanish Star

    Feelings are scary
    At least they are for me...

  • Drowning (1) 2 HM

    by Spanish Star

    I feel like i am drowning
    Whenever you are near...

  • Tengo un secreto en mi corazón,
    Lo oculto de ti por la misma razón...

  • Secret (4) 1

    by Victoria Ramey

    I'll tell you secrets from my shell,
    Ones that I've hid very well...

  • Hidden Love

    by Christine Joy Olmilla

    Facing to a person like you
    Makes my heart fall for you...

  • Loveing 2

    by Olivia

    I dont know how to help,
    I want you to know I love you...

  • you (2) 2

    by Southside girl

    Warm hands soft skin blue eyes blonde hair petite...

  • Truth or Dare

    by Samantha

    I lie in bed, darkness all around.
    Thinking of you, my thoughts running wild. Could...

  • The Spark of her Life

    by Marc Ortiz

    Life is like a never ending maze,
    Sometimes people will make the wrong turn...