Poems About Secret Love

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  • Hidden Love

    by Christine Joy Olmilla

    Facing to a person like you
    Makes my heart fall for you...

  • Loveing 2

    by Olivia

    I dont know how to help,
    I want you to know I love you...

  • you (2) 2

    by Southside girl

    Warm hands soft skin blue eyes blonde hair petite...

  • Truth or Dare

    by Samantha

    I lie in bed, darkness all around.
    Thinking of you, my thoughts running wild. Could...

  • The Spark of her Life

    by Marc Ortiz

    Life is like a never ending maze,
    Sometimes people will make the wrong turn...

  • Little Black Book (2) 2

    by Tony

    Fingers tracing tenderly
    Across this virgin page...

  • Our Night

    by Beauty Within These Pages of Darkness

    I’m here for you my love,
    My heart beats for you...

  • Shades of Freedom.

    by Rosy Cheeks And Irony

    & tell me about the night, where we rushed the...
    the silken effigy of silence and told it be quiet...

  • Secret World of Dreams (7) 4

    by William Mae

    I lay in bed at end of day,
    Where I exercise free will...

  • It was protection I felt
    The need to provide it...

  • secret #1 1

    by Rosy Cheeks And Irony

    She taps her foot at the end
    of the table and hums a steady beat...

  • Ballad (1) 1

    by Blake

    I love a quiet boy
    For him I pine, I long...