Poems About Secret Love

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  • Letter To A Guardian Angel

    by Danial Zainal

    Dear Angel,
    I'm sorry to intrude you in the deadness of night...

  • Catch me love (2) 2

    by Donbukana

    Love is hard.
    Sometimes you fall for someone...

  • Crave

    by Lu Tinson

    When I'm drunk i think of you
    And music makes me miss you...

  • A Secret

    by marvellous efe

    The Secret by
    I want to tell you a secret...

  • if I sank under a afternoon star
    it would be a September sun...

  • Heartstrung (1) 1

    by cantchangeme

    Heartstrings, you used to play
    Between bones that you'd separate...

  • True spit

    by Zetta Yale

    Die die die die die die die die within the light I...

  • Dessert (Form - Senryu) (8) 4

    by Augustus Black

    Hot lips woman, serves
    me a dessert; but my taste...

  • I wouldn't dare to catch a glimpse of you
    Surely it would be the last breath I ever drew...

  • Dream (2) 1

    by Dill

    The love I hold is but a dream;
    The girl I kiss is but a hope...

  • She's Amazing (1) 1

    by Daniel Danchizz

    Left in Ponder, wondering in chaos
    Trying to believe the sayings in my heart...

  • Roses Made of Glass (3) 2

    by nani

    The heart yearns to speak a secret love
    But with no mouth words stay hidden...