Poems About Secret Love

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  • Still I Wait


    I guess i am always behind time
    Even when i stand first inline...

  • Forbidden Fruit (5) 2

    by Tony

    I hunger for forbidden fruit
    Isn't that just the way of man...

  • Changing Decisions 2

    by Phoenix ¥

    It feels like soon
    we have to decide...

  • The other man

    by Kelz45

    It wasn't meant to happen this way,
    After all he is my Boss at the end of the day...

  • Love

    by Anton Pantoya

    Summer ending and Fall draws near
    Something is in the air I desperately hate and...

  • Dirty Secret (1) 1

    by Horanne

    It’s a dirty secret that I have
    One that keeps me up at night...

  • Time in bed,
    together it was spent...

  • Tethered

    by Christy

    I want you, in all ways possible.
    I want to grow old with you...

  • love

    by Olivia

    Love, you build it up and it falls down,
    Hearts they get broken way to fast...

  • Dreams of Lovers (2) 1

    by Khadz

    Rotating azure heavens
    Winding verdures...

  • The heart burns within,
    No longer able to be contained...

  • The Kiss 1

    by Olivia

    I can´t imagine how it would feel to kiss you. I...