Poems About Secret Love

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  • Within me this forbidden lust is bleeding,
    Yet this persistent craving is sometimes fleeting...

  • Don't Promise (14) 8

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Don't promise me a future
    Don't lay down hope for me...

  • The Woman He Likes but Does Not Love (9) 8

    by Someone Invisible

    How did you find yourself flat on your back with...
    Your heart is heavy and you threaten to choke on...

  • Luna (song) (16) 8

    by Maher

    Darling Luna, shine as the night drips by -
    I'll miss your face at the call of the sun...

  • Just Friends? (91) 8

    by LeAnNe

    I love you more every day,
    My name I long for you to say...

  • The Siren (4) 7

    by Larry Chamberlin

    She stood silhouetted by the fading sun;
    amber light painted her in magical strokes...

  • I apologize to you for my careless youth
    For all the pain I've caused unable to soothe...

  • Other than you (8) 7

    by naaz

    All those things I want to say, fail to escape
    from my heart in your presence...

  • X V (5) 7

    by tobias kinti

    i asked whether
    i could trace...

  • Midnight-shaped fates (3) 6

    by Ya----Na

    I still remember
    how the bird of madness...

  • They say actions speak louder than words,
    So you obviously don’t want to be heard...

  • Painfully Pleasant (7) 6

    by Blue Smurf

    I find myself yearning,
    Wishing that you were here...