Poems About Secret Love

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  • My secret love 1

    by Errol Mondell

    As I prepare to take this trip
    I wanna hold you close and kiss your lips...

  • Lonely Night Without You (3) 3

    by Errol Mondell

    As I lay here in bed
    Thoughts of you goes through my head...

  • Loving You 1

    by Karen Montegrande

    I tried to stop what I feel
    'Cause I'm afraid you'd send me away...

  • Stars (2)

    by Karen Montegrande

    As I watch the stars tonight,
    I see your smile so bright...

  • It's in your Eyes

    by Karen Montegrande

    Just don't know what to expect from you,
    would i be shocked or be amazed with those things...

  • Veracity

    by Karen Montegrande

    I don’t know what they see in your eyes
    because all I see is it’s broken twice...

  • She comes in the door her chores to resume
    puts parcels down and removes her hijab...

  • For 15 years each time they made love
    she’d take hot water and a washcloth...

  • I Admire you (1) 1

    by bluehun

    I Admire you
    I admire you from afar my sweet dear, if only you...

  • 07 15 1

    by 3lyarse

    You are not aware of the things you do to me
    Of the ways you impact me...

  • Cat & Mouse (2) 4

    by Taylor M

    So what’s it gonna be today?
    What game are we gonna play...

  • In Silence (1) 1

    by Yakori bint Muhammed

    22nd October, 2017.
    Hasn't it been long for you...